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Lesson 4: JumpStart Tribe-Identify, Find & Leverage 6X Profitable Super Fans

Learn how to create a tribe strategy around a conversation catalyst to identify, find and leverage 6X profitable super fans

  1. Learn how your tribe-super fans will evolve over your growth curve
  2. Learn how JumpStart Tribe solves the key problem stopping your desired growth
  3. Learn what is a tribe strategy
  4. Learn & use 7Cs model to create your tribe strategy
  5. Learn how to apply 7Cs model to you tribe strategy initiatives
  6. Learn the maths of virality
  7. Learn “what is a conversation catalyst”


Bonus slides and content

  • Download slide on tribe evolution
  • Download slides on 7C tribe strategy model and mathematics of going viral
  • Bonus video on identifying, finding and leveraging 6X profitable super fans

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