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Case Study

Besame Cosmetics

The Color of You


The brand had been there for over a decade but growth had slowed down and was stuck in a certain super niche. 

Through exhaustive consumer research, we discovered the real reason the brand was bought by her super fans, and used it as a hyper-jump opportunity for creative redefinition & emotional transformation of the promise.

Besame Cosmetics transformation was led by Jump Accelerator


Jump worked with Gabriela to redefine each element of the brand starting from core brand fundamentals, aimed at a hyper-jump opportunity, to consumer promise to brand story, imagery and copy, to site layout and design along with creating a tribe strategy & aligned initiatives to take the brand to a much larger set of highly motivated consumers with a renewed appeal in the contemporary times


Launched in Jan'23, signed up top notch influencers, with heightened engagement via a community of over 200K followers on IG, a stream of requests from the biggest specialty beauty retailers and an extremely healthy and sharper sales growth.


Fresh Brows & Eyes to Match Your Vibe: Embrace your day, effortlessly

Chella brand case study with Jump Accelerator


Growth had slowed down over the course of the decade and brand had become dependent on regular promotions and discounts to meet its numbers. 

The brand had lost its focus and was not clear and aligned on “why” the fans buy their products.

Through extensive secondary and primary research, Jump uncovered a hyper-jump opportunity at the intersection of category, channel, and competition gaps and aligned with the key finding of why the super fans are so for creating a full hyper-growth solution.


Jump worked with the founder, Chris, and the team, and came up with brand acceleration fundamentals targeting a hyper-jump opportunity, and then, designed a brand promise and story for love at fist sight with imagery and copy, to recommending site layout and design along with creating a full-fledged tribe strategy, leveraging super fans supplemented by a PRO strategy fuelling both DTC and retail penetration.


The brand was re-launched successfully with a sharp increase in the DTC traffic & engagement with consequent increase in sales & profitability along with listing with >50 NEW PRO accounts as a part of th tribe strategy within a couple of months of the launch.

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