Create a more humane, conscious & beautiful planet
“A Woman’s.
Accelerate women-led beauty brands making a difference to the people & the planet, jump the category, all the partners & the founder’s life.

5 Year Goal

Accelerate 1,000 women-led beauty brands each to > $100M and create a $100B economy

I am fascinated by the story of the homemaker, who, one day, decided to launch a beauty brand from her kitchen only to realize that she is now a $100M brand, in a matter of a few years, giving the big beauty companies a run for their money. 

This is the stuff movies are made of. What are the odds? And, yet, every year, there are thousands of women who venture forth to create another beauty brand with the intent of defying these odds over and over again!

Jump aims to help women founders, across the world, take over the category that is truly theirs for the taking. No big company or executive understands what beauty truly means to a woman, more than these brave and beautiful founders, who are willing to stake their existence on jumping the category forward!

I consider myself truly blessed to serve, every second of my day, these founders, who are as driven as their beautiful intent.

At Jump, we are creating a more humane, conscious & beautiful planet:

“A Woman’s World”

Rohit Banota, Founder, Jump Accelerator

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