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I grew up in a small town in India, Sunder Nagar, translates to “Beautiful City”, on the foothills of the Himalayas.

Early morning, my folks would send me to get the freshly baked bread & while walking, I’d see the giant & radiant ball of sun rising from behind the mountains. It was truly a sight & now a cherished memory, my 1st rendezvous with beauty.

Then came my “Scent of a Woman” moment. I was kicked out of school for refusing to pass information on my mischievous friends.

My dad played “Al Pacino” and came to the rescue, just like in the movie.

I saw the movie 7 years later but the release date coincided with the exact month and year of the event in my life.

Bounced back to study engineering from one of the most prestigious schools in India. 

Started my career with AB InBev & was then hired by P&G Beauty and Grooming, to be promoted 3 times in 4 years, & lead global brands. 

Moved to Canada-forever grateful-

in 2013 for my MBA from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, & was hired on campus to create an eco-personal care startup brand,

which I successfully launched in 1,000 stores pan Canada, fuelling an obsession to scale personal care/beauty startups.

In parallel, I started consulting health & beauty founders, mainly women I met at shows, for a nominal fees or even for free.

That was the last dot, which connected with everything else in my past, & I had my WHY NOT moment,

“Why not help good-hearted & rebellious, underdog women-led beauty brands succeed despite all the odds & elevate the category.”

First, I founded StorySaves, a brand strategy/story agency, and then after working with clients & speaking to hundreds of founders,

I evolved StorySaves into Jump Accelerator, the only custom, complete & accountable hyper-growth solution for early-stage beauty brands.

Fast forward to now, I have successfully implemented the science & emotion of hyper-growth with dozens of women-led beauty brands across North America & Europe.

Reach out to me, if you are an open-minded beauty founder who dreams of making a dent in the universe, to discuss hyper-growth stories, poetry, movies or music!

Let’s together create “A Woman’s World”

Rohit Banota, Founder-Jump Accelerator

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