Beauty brands. Reimagine

Accelerate women-led, early-stage beauty brands in the new world of digital + physical with the only accountable solution using science & emotion of hyper-growth


Your fans love your products, then why aren’t you a $100 million dollar beauty brand?



How are we a Jump ahead of other solutions?

What’s the fundamental truth for hyper-growth for a startup beauty brand?

How do we deliver hyper- growth?

A Complete & Fundamental Mechanism: Jump Paradigm™:

Traditional strategy, story, branding, distribution or any marketing won’t solve the uphill battle for an early stage beauty brand even when you check all the boxes.
Reimagine Hyper-Growth!

Jump Pad
(Strategy for a Hyper-Jump Opportunity)

Using our Matrix of 5 determinants to create a Jump Strategy for a hyper-jump opportunity that is fit, relevant, emotional, interesting, scalable, & advocates, partnerships friendly

Jump in Love at
First Sight-All Touch Points

Leverage the hyper-jump(growth) opportunity to make your consumers jump in love at first sight with an Element of Surprise + Emotional Resonance applied to every touch point with your potential superfan

Jump Start Your Tribe:
Activate Advocacy

Create your tribe of 6X profitable super fans and leverage for potential superfans acquisition and spreading the love at first sight for 10X Awareness with strategic partnerships, communities, channels

Jump Market:
Market Amplification

Increase cash flow, source capital, launch at right retailers, improve velocity from retail stores, hire the right people, implement a margin-based strategy

Support for life

Coaching and Consulting on Sell-in campaigns to stores, Sell-out campaigns from stores, Social and email campaigns, Tribe strategy execution, Innovation Plan, Scripts and more…

Network(Beta) of Partners

VCs, Retail Buyers, Influencers, DM Agencies, Copywriters, Designers, R&D Labs.

Benefit Comparison Chart

  JUMP ACCELERATOR-Reimagine Hyper-Growth! BEAUTY
Complete Hyper-Growth Solution Delivered: Jump Pad: Hyper-Growth Brand Idea + Jump in Love at First Sight at all touch points + Jump Start Tribe +Consulting and Coaching Support for Life: DTC promos, Stores Sell-In & Sell-out Strategy and Tactics, Promotions, Social and Email Campaigns, Innovation, Education Scripts Mentorship & Education on Growth Strategy Paid Advertising Campaigns Strategy on Power Point with the most beautiful slides.Uncanny knack to make everything work on powerpoint.
Duration Delivered in 3 Months + Lifetime Support 4-6 Months Runway to support advertisement expenses, Till you are cash flow+ 3-4 Months
Success Guarantee and Commitment Performance based support for Lifetime to achieve both short-term and long-term goals + Network(beta) Network   We only do strategy. Next!
Venture Location Off Site On Site Off Site Off Site
Selection Very Competitive-30% acceptance rate, 3 intakes/year Competitive, Cyclical Ongoing Ongoing
Stage Early Stage focus with proof of concept: $500k USD-$5M USD, exceptions for pre-launch, <$500K USD, bet $5M-$20M Early with Proof of Concept Early, Proof of Concept Any
Cohorts or Individual Attention 1:1 Individual, 100% focus Cohorts, distributed focus Individual, 100% focus Individual, 100% focus
Investment-Equity No Yes No No
Pricing Win-Win Options + Performance-based N/A % Commission Hourly-Make Hay!
Guarantee Performance-based till you achieve your big, short-term & long-term goals None None, cause success is contingent on a host of other factors since they don’t first create the complete solution inc. brand, products, money,founders, media platform None
Founder Trait Open-minded, ambitious & looking for delivery of short & long-term results Open-minded, ambitious and looking for money Conservative & looking for short-term results Rich, looking for stimulating conversations and can figure out details on her own for long-term results



Pre-launch, hyper-growth strategy and story, men-centric, launched in Sep’21, signed up the GOAT-Tony Hawk, and subscriptions are through the roof

Code of Harmony

Created the complete hyper-growth solution redefining the hyper-growth opportunity & strategy, emotionally resonant story & tribe strategy to scale up the CBD skincare to next phase of acceleration


Hyper-growth solution centered on the emotionally resonant story for the modern times, leveraging a  hyper-growth opportunity for a cult brand that is all about romance


Jump Fit-Who are we a fit for?

$500K USD-$5M USD in revenue beauty brands but do work with beauty brands that are pre-launch, <$500K USD or between $5M & $20M in revenue.