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6C ANALYSIS article for a beauty brand to uncover a hyper-growth opportunity


Hyper-Jump or hyper-growth opportunity is the first step in crafting a brand strategy for beauty brand growth. You arrive at the hyper-growth opportunity at the intersection of Jump Accelerator’s 6C analysis. In this article, we will explore how a hypothetical beauty brand like FUN SKIN can decode a hyper-jump opportunity for brand growth.


1. Company Analysis

           1a) FUN SKIN USP

           1b) FUN SKIN claim backup

2. Category Analysis

           2a) FUN SKIN claim category

           2b) Emerging trends

     3. Competition Analysis

           3a) Competition Creative Segmentation

           3b) Innovation Spectrum

           3c) Emerging brands

           3d) Value vs. competition

     4. Channel Analysis

           4a) Best performing channel 

           4b) Relative fit

           4c) Why behind best fit

5. Consumer Analysis

          5a) Most loyal consumers

           5b) Reason for loyalty

 6. Culture Analysis

          6a) Test of time

           6b) Shifting

           6c) Emerging


1. COMPANY ANALYSIS-beauty brand growth opportunity

As a hypothetical example of a beauty brand hyper-growth opportunity, I will use FUN SKIN, a brand that solves the unique problem of reducing skin’s age with clean skincare and the highest concentration of clean anti-oxidants. This unique selling point helps the brand acquire consumers quickly, and its home kit to monitor progress builds three times more loyalty than otherwise. 

The best campaign results come from in-person ambassador marketing as they acquire, up and cross-sell, and get referrals, all in one step. This success is mainly because of the opportunity to educate and experience the detox and skin benefits.

1a) What is FUN SKIN's USP

FUN SKIN’S core promise is to reduce skin age with every usage & via highest concentration of clean anti-oxidants ingredients.

1b) What is FUN SKIN's back up for the claim

FUN SKIN uses trifecta detox technology-highest concentration possible of clean actives, clean anti-oxidants, and clean nutritious ingredients for the skin.

company analysis for finding beauty brand growth hyper-jump opportunity

2. CATEGORY ANALYSIS-beauty brand growth opportunity

2a) Which claim category does FUN SKIN play in: clean, natural, organic, eco etc.

FUN SKIN plays in the clean beauty category of anti-aging skincare

It is imperative that you either play on the positive end of the claim category or create a new category of claim, taking it to another level, nullifying competition to be on a hyper-growth curve with your beauty brand.

2b) Which emerging trends is FUN SKIN best positioned to take advantage of?

FUN SKIN is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing trend toward reverse-aging where you get healthier with age, meaning your body’s biological age is far less than the chronological age. 

Category Analysis for beauty brand growth to uncover a hyper-growth opportunity

3. COMPETITION ANALYSIS-beauty brand growth opportunity

3a) Creative segmentation of competitive offerings

The key to good competitive analysis is the creative segmentation of competitive offerings. FUN SKIN segmented its competitors on clean scores vs. pricing,, quantified anti-aging benefit vs. pricing, and quantified anti-aging benefit vs. clean scores. 

The result was a gap in instantly perceived aging benefits for the skin- in terms of no. of days for visible results + opportunity to differentiate its claim of the highest percentage of clean ingredients beyond the assurance of safety. 

The clinical brands did not offer clean ingredients, a few clean brands did claim time-based aging benefits for the skin.

Results for aging skin-clean brands on the innovation spectrum, Tata Harper & Youth To The People on stopover 1, Algenist between 1 & 2, Biossance closer to 2 and Drunk Elephant at 2 with the quantification around no. of days for visible results with hero anti-aging product

For clean claims, Algenist at stopover 1, Biossance between 1 & 2, Tata Harper on 2 & Drunk Elephant between 2 & 3.

Competitive segmentation analysis for beauty brand growth


The above table is just an exemplary reference to demonstrate the point above: Please note, some of the information below for brands is no longer advertised on their site. This is merely to illustrate how to do competitive segmentation and analysis and does not guarantee the below claims for the below-mentioned brands.

3b) FUN SKIN on Innovation Spectrum

Fun Skin’s core promise falls towards a higher quality solution to reduce skin age with every usage & via the highest concentration of clean anti-oxidant ingredients.

Competiton analysis with innovation spectrum for beauty brand growth strategy

3c) Which competitors are closer to FUN SKIN's offerings?

Anti-Aging Claim:

Drunk Elephant and Biossance are closest with claims of visible results in 3 & 7 days vs 10 days for Algenist

Clean Claim:

For clean claims, Algenist at stopover 1, Biossance between 1 & 2, Tata Harper on 2 & Drunk Elephant between 2 & 3.

3d)Value vs.Competition

FUN SKIN does offer visible anti-aging results and has the highest concentration of clean ingredients and it needs to calculate the value it offers versus competition using Value=Quality/Price to find a gap for brand growth.

Competition Analysis for beauty brand growth strategy summary

4. CHANNEL ANALYSIS-beauty brand growth opportunity

4a) Which are your best-performing channels?

Our best-performing channels are beauty specialty stores & health and wellness retailers. FUN SKIN does well in spas/clinics too but since the repeat sales are higher in beauty retailers because of the volume of traffic and visible results, the brand is ready for specialty beauty retail scale-up.

4b) What is your relative fit with different channels?

Beauty specialty stores are a great fit for our brand as they cater to customers who are actively seeking high-quality, innovative skincare products that offer visible results with minimal education. Health and wellness retailers also align with our brand promise of promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin without toxins.

4c) Why is the best performing channel so?

We have observed that our brand performs better in beauty specialty stores since the staff only needs to inform about the highest % of clean anti-oxidants for anti-aging with a demo at the store for high conversion rate and visible results at home help with repeat purchase rate.

Channel Analysis for beauty brand growth

5. CONSUMER ANALYSIS-beauty brand growth opportunity

5a) Who is the most loyal persona?

FUN SKIN’s most loyal persona is a 45-50-year-old, single, outdoorsy woman in a leadership role who interacts with others frequently and is looking for a non-invasive solution to aging skin.

5b) Why are loyal fans so?

Loyal fans of Fun Skin are drawn to the brand’s highest % of clean anti-oxidant claims and visible anti-aging results. They appreciate that the product is non-invasive and uses natural and non-toxic ingredients. 

Consumer Analysis for beauty brand growth

6. CULTURE ANALYSIS-beauty brand growth opportunity

Beliefs, values, and practices of the broader segment and the region you are focused on:


6a) Stood the test of time:cultural norms

Focus on women’s health and well-being as a core value in beauty: Use of natural and non-toxic ingredients in products.

6b) Shifting: cultural norms

Emphasis on leadership and empowerment for women in beauty: Emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in advertising and marketing.


6b) Emerging: cultural norms

Focus on mental health and wellness in beauty, including products that promote relaxation, stress relief & detoxing mind and body.

Culture analysis for beauty brand growth stategy

SUMMARY-6C ANALYSIS: beauty brand growth opportunity

SUMMARY of 6C analysis for beauty brand growth strategy


Here is the breakdown of the 6C analysis for your beauty brand to find a hyper-growth opportunity:

  1. Company Analysis: FUN SKIN offers a higher quality solution to the same problem as others in a sophisticated and competitive beauty market. Its core promise is to provide a one-stop solution for reducing skin age with the highest % of clean anti-oxidants. However, the brand needs to move to between innovation stopovers 2 & 3 on the innovation spectrum and offer a unique solution to an unsolved problem.
  2. Category Analysis: FUN SKIN needs to redefine the category or take the claim of healthy and toxin-free skincare products to a new level while reducing skin age to ride the trend of reverse-aging.
  3. Competition Analysis: FUN SKIN needs to move beyond stopover 2 to distinguish itself around the highest percentage of clean anti-oxidants and/or delivery of visible anti-aging results within fewer days than 7 for the highest % of consumers beyond controlled clinical studies.
  4. Channel Analysis: FUN SKIN  needs to double down on the shopper marketing tactics of communicating the highest % of clean anti-oxidants and self-demo that have worked in specialty beauty retail to scale.
  5. Consumer Analysis: FUN SKIN’s most loyal consumer audience is single, outdoorsy women in leadership roles, aged 45-50, who are looking for non-invasive procedures  to take care of their aging skin. 
  6. Culture Analysis: Focus on mental health and overall well-being has shifted from cure to prevention to an emerging trend of proactively ensuring you go beyond staying healthy to get mentally and physically healthier with age.

Hyper-Growth Opportunity Summary

FUN SKIN needs to target 45-50 year old, single outdoorsy women in leadership roles who are looking for non-invasive, anti-aging skincare solutions while quantifying the anti-aging visible results beyond clinical studies in the least number of days  riding the trend of reverse-aging and leveraging the fact that monitoring progress yields 3x loyalty vs otherwise +  defining its clean, highest % of clean anti-oxidants, in terms of trend of getting healthier with age, focus on communicating and improving the self-demo for consumers in specialty beauty retail with the overall focus of the brand on improving mental, physical and skin health with age.

Probable Brand Idea to Leverage Hyper-Growth Opportunity

FUN SKIN instantly reduces skin’s age by 10 years while detoxing skin in one & every usage tracked by a home kit because of trifecta detox tech that includes the highest concentration of clean anti-oxidants, reverse-aging actives & nutritious super-foods for the skin.

Next Steps: 

R&D capabilities to make the above claims happen by tweaking the trifecta detox technology.

-Emotional Transformation of the brand around mental and overall well-being to capture the hyper-jump opportunity and achieve faster trials, sustainable adoption, and ever-growing advocacy for the brand.

Beauty founder, book a complimentary call and I will help you:

  • Discover how to identify a hyper-growth opportunity for your brand using 6C analysis
  • Uncover how to position your beauty brand on the innovation spectrum for growth

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