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Ep.17-Guest: Suzanne LeRoux, Founder, One Love Organics on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

Suzanne, daughter of a pharmacist, struggled with skin issues from a young age, but neither the range of avaialble products nor her dad’s dermatologists friends could help her out of her severe skin issues, but an aromatherapist miraculously cured her skin!
In this guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” (formerly JumpStart Beauty Brand), Suzanne shares invaluable insights on launching and growing an organic, ahead of its time, woman-led beauty brand.
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Timestamps and Key Insights

02:56.4-Suzanne’s legal background as a lawyer

05:26.2-Suzanne’s thoughts on trends
09:56.2-One Love Organics’ EcoCert Certification
10:49.4-Importance of In-House Formulations
12:57.5-Why founders never perfect the formulation?
14:12.1-Difference between kitchen and formulation lab
18:41.9-Issue with infused oils
21:20.7-Beauty founder assumptions
22:20.4-TIme to traction
25:32.7-Secret to retail success: Blue Mercury, Ulta, Credo etc.
29:59.6-Difference between small and micro batch
32:17.2-Perfecting formulation
35:17.8-Edge over new clean and organic skincare brands
37:49.6-Next big goal
39:56.4-Toughest time with One Love Organics
41:52.0-Speed Round-What’s fake in early-stage beauty market, DTC vs.. Omni-channel, Exit or legacy, clean beauty?

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