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Ep.20-Jump Series: Top 8 Mistakes by Beauty Founders

In this episode of Jump Series, Rohit Banota shares Top 8 mistakes, early-stage beauty founders make, why is that a mistake, how to avoid the mistake with examples of beauty brands.


Timestamps and Key Insights

01:34.8-Mistake number one, Passion for solution versus the problem.

05:53.8-Mistake number two, Not validating 3 growth engines

09:52.5-Mistake number three, Lack of focus: problem, consumer, products, channels

12:31.1-Mistake number four, Overemphasis on large player

15:51.8-Mistake number five, Lack of focus on margin and profits

19:32.7-Mistake number six, Frequent promotions and discounts

23:10.1-Mistake number seven, Poor understanding of the importance of cash flow

24:58.6-Mistake number eight, Going to retail too early and il equipped with no strategy


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