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Ep.13-Guest: Sonsoles Gonzalez, Founder, Better Not Younger on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

In this guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” (formerly JumpStart Beauty Brand), I spoke to the super-intelligent and an accomplished CPG veteran & founder of Better Not Younger, Sonsoles Gonzalez, on a mission to disrupt the hair care category for aging women!

Sonsoles had led globally renowned hair and body care brands with corporate giants like Loreal and P&G, and found her calling while questioning the same, repetitive creative brief targeting women aged between 18 and 44 years, and decided to turn her inquisition into a brand, heralding a moment of change in women’s hair care & the whole mass media narrative around aging!

Timestamps & Key Moments

03.10.0-Sonsoles’ story, 28 years in corporate with CPG giants to Better Not Younger

05.01.7-How creative briefs in marketing boardrooms frustrated Sonsoles

09.17.9-Better Not Younger products make women feel 100X better

12.12.6-Big gap in understanding of aging women’s hair issues

17.47.8-What is Fiftypreneur and how is she different from others

21.45.2-Two big assumptions that provided BIG learnings while growing Better Not Younger

23.35.7-Better Not Younger’s go to retail sequence, strategy, mistakes and refocus & success at ULTA

32.29.6-Does Better Not Younger get trolled?

36.01.4-How did Sonsoles deal with the worst time at Better Not Younger

39.10.3-How Better Not Younger turned around business at ULTA

Speed Round: 41.10.2

What’s fake in early-stage anti-aging market? Sonsoles’ favourite quote, Science or clean beauty? One word for entrepreneurship, emotion or function?

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