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Ep.12-Guest Series: Sarah Hamilton, Founder & Investor: Bella Box, Sand & Sky, STUFF™ & many more on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

In this guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” (formerly JumpStart Beauty Brand), I spoke to the multi-talented, done it all, energetic founder, investor, leader-Sarah Hamilton, who co-founded bella box, a beauty subscription box, with over 100s of thousands of followers on Meta, Sand & Sky-a pure Australian botanicals skincare brand sold through every major beauty and fashion retailer across the planet, is a board member at a “Unilever Ventures” portfolio brand Straand, which is turning scalp care on its head, is a board member at STUFF™ -a cruelty-free personal care brand that promotes healthy masculinity, is an advisor at Mermade Hair, and has a few dozen more ventures and roles, and in the interest of not making you feel like an under-achiever nor taking too much of your mind space, I decided to not write about here!

Timestamps & Key Moments

03.27.0-Sarah’s journey from finance to business leader to entrepreneur to an investor and advisor

08.54.5-Wrong assumptions that Sarah sees ventures making repetitively

13.41.3-Transition from an entrepreneur to investor

17.03.6-Sarah’s entrepeneurl/investor thesis

18.08.5-Sarah’s investment red flags

21.12.7-What is execution?

25.23.6-How should beauty founders think about exit?

27.10.0-When Sarah broke down and called her mum

28.30.2-How does Sarah deal with setbacks

Speed Round

31.22.7-What’s fake in early-stage beauty market?, Sarah’s favourite movie, Beauty subscription boxes? Work-Life?Favourite beauty brand? Poor Pioneer or Rich Replica?

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