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Ep.18-Guest: May Lindstrom, Founder, May Lindstrom Skin on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

May Lindstrom is the founder of her namesake, awesomely authentic, cult-certified, sensorially formulated and mystically depicted brand: May Lindstrom Skin.

May’s story is straight out of a movie, about a runaway teenager, love, road trip, wanderlust, and search for fun, truth, wealth and authenticity. May Lindstrom is all about making this moment yours, touching your skin with intention, reigniting the romance within and discovering your skin’s ultimate health and radiance.

May Lindstrom is a movement that is converting all the skeptics and seekers into believers furthering their quest for authenticity and living life on terms true to themselves, and in doing so, finding the divine beauty within, that never fades!

In this super digest, guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” (formerly JumpStart Beauty Brand), May takes us through her hippie childhood, her nomadic formative years, the change she wanted to bring with her eponymous skincare line while sharing million dollar insights on launching and growing an ahead of its time, disruptive beauty brand that no luxury skincare brand on the planet can stand up to!

She was the first to pour her love into a bottle!

Take a listen!

Timestamps and Key Insights

04:56.8-May’s childhood and her parents dreamy barn romance

09:21.7-May’s first hostile encounter with the fragrance soap on a sleepover

13:04.1-Long hours at the local library

17:04.1-Human guinea pigs, Immersion into ancient to modern beauty texts

19:55.3-May unlocks the key to women’s bathroom

28:24.5-May goes for the weird

31:18.2-Perfecting her formulations

34:49.1-What if?

42:01.8-How May got over the fear of sharing her formulas?

44:46.3-The key insight driving her mission

49:24.1-Cult status and revenue co-relation

52:51.6-May Lindstrom retailer conversations

54:46.5-May Lindstrom & Romain of The Detox Market chit chat about the future of natural beauty

01:01:05.3-Why aren’t there more disruptive and authentic beauty brands?

01:09:40.6-Worthy of extraordinary care

01:11:15.1-Childhood without running water

01:14:40.4-May Lindstrom’s ongoing innovation & the story behind her iconic packaging

01:34:44.9-May Lindstrom Care Bears

01:37:20.9-How would May Lindstrom like to grow?

01:47:57.2-Pandemic’s impact on demand

01:52:44.4-A brand with brakes on

02:01:28.8-Next steps to stimulate demand

02:12:29.8-Toughest time in her business

02:25:12.9-Speed Round

02:49:16.5-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

02:53:32-May getting the majority of her food from a woman’s shelter

02:57:05-Set for growth now, scale to stay

03:06:50-May’s great big invitation to the listeners

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