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Ep.19-Guest: Kate Solomon, Co-Founder, Athletic Cosmetic Company on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

In this guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” Podcast, I spoke to the super-fit, driven, genius and a serial entrepreneur, Kate Solomon, who has over 25 years of natural and clean makeup and skin care formulation experience.

She was working with the biggies like L’Oreal USA, where she was a product developer. In 2010, launched Babo Botanicals and then sold it eventually to a French baby company, Mustela.

And then her kids were growing older, she saw a gap for clean makeup and skincare brand for a more sporty, and active lifestyle and that’s where she launched the Athletic Cosmetic company with her co founder Dominique van Boekel.

Take a listen!

Timestamps and Key Insights

03:27.4-Kate’s background and story from Peace Corps to South America to Avon to Loreal

07:01.0-How Kate successfully exited with her previous venture, Babo Botanicals

10:07.6-Babo Botanical’s exit strategy

13:52.9-Target market for Athletic Cosmetic Company and Go to Market

18:31.7-How does ACC access its target consumers

21:54.2-Athletic Cosmetic Company’s values of positivity, positive mind and body, positive impact & positive beauty

23:50.3-ACC’s product formulations with Credo Clean Standard

25:16.0-ACC’s next big goal and the biggest hurdle

27:28.5-Toughest time in Kate’s entrepreneurial journey

29:44.9-Kate’s mantra for keeping her sanity and accessing the well of new ideas

30:57.6-Speed round: women sports, beauty in sports, favorite book, clean beauty, bootstrap…

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