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Ep.15-Guest: Emily Doyle,Co-founder, Dune Suncare on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

In this guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” (formerly JumpStart Beauty Brand), I spoke to the marketing and strategy genius, a creative force disrupting the sunscreen market, co-founder of Dune Suncare, Emily Doyle.

Emily worked alongside the CXOs of the biggest fashion and media brands, the likes of Judith Ripka, successfully ran her own consulting business, along with leading marketing for other world renowned brands before strategizing the disruption of suncare with her co-conspirator, Mei Kwok with moves that would make any grandmaster proud!

Timestamps and Key Insights

03:01.1-Emily & Mei’s story

10:16.0-Why Sunscreen?

16:31.6-Deep inituition & reflection around the opportunity

19:26.7-The category gap that Dune Suncare fills

25:19.9-How Dune uses psychology in marketing & innovation for brand resonance & stickiness

30:10.9-First hand experience of Emily & Mei offered deep category insights

32:04.6-Aggressive Sunscreen Applicator Parents

36:02.1-Sunscreen is essentials

41:18.3-How Dune is trying to succeed at retail, Ulta Vs. Blue Mercury

47:35.0-Dune Suncare is a brand for everyone

51:21.1-Why Dune chose to go to the Derms?

55:08.9-How does Dune differentiate from competition?

01:01:46.2-How Emily & Mei deal with tough times?

01:10:44.8-SPEED ROUND

-Ulta or Beauty Boutique Stores, Favourite movie scene, Bootstrap or funding, Elon or Greta, Woke, One word secret to success

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