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Ep.14-Guest: Amy Gordinier, CEO, skinfix on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

In this guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” (formerly JumpStart Beauty Brand), I spoke to the super-smart, suave and intuitive, beauty disruptor, CEO of skinfix, Amy Gordinier.

Amy is an amazingly Amateur astrologer with the Gemini sign. She’s forever curious, around 30 years of experience in beauty. She started her career with L’Oreal as a product manager, and then from there to Estee Lauder, then to Space NK and eventually, acquiring and, you can call it founding and CEOing skinfix, which is the first of its kind, clean and clinical skincare brand.

Timestamps & Key Moments

04.03.9-Amy’s Story & skinfix adventure despite all the risk

06.34.0-Impostor Syndrome

09.33.1-Eternal Optimism meets reality of time

10.39.4-What’s wrong with the indie beauty founders’ focus?

15.34.4-Importance of profiability for indie beauty brands

18.41.3-Learnings from skinfix’s traction phase

21.50.0-skinfix Sephora Success

26.07.1-Target vs. Sephora

37.00.7-Emphasis on skinfix Clean

43.29.9-How Amy overcame tough times with skinfix?

47.40.2-People Amy is super thanful for

49.44.5-Speed Round: What’s fake in early-stage beauty market, Favourite quote, social media, function or emotion, Bootstrap or funding, Standardization of Clean beauty, Style or Substance, Entrepreneurship


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