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Ep.26-Guest: Evelyn & Brook, Founders, JustUs Skincare on "What Beauty Founders Don't Know"

In this guest series episode of “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” Podcast, I spoke to the very beautiful, creative and intelligent co-founders of JUSTUS SKINCARE, the only climate-focused skincare on the planet!

Brook Dougherty, Founder and Chief Alchemist

Evelyn, Sprigg, Co-founder & Chief of All Things

Brook is the founder and Chief Alchemist of JustUs Skincare. And she’s the author of the memoir, Nothing To Write Home About. And she is supporting women who suffer from domestic violence, victims of domestic violence.

Evelyn is a veteran of NYC ad and PR industry, a self proclaimed skincare junkie. Her passion for finding skincare solutions at a very young age let her to work with the biggest beauty brands on the planet. She’s a hiker. She loves to travel. She trains people on yoga and she’s a painter.

And right now she’s beating cancer for the second time round.

Take a listen!

Timestamps and Key Insights

03:53.1-Brook turned 60 and decided to take on skincare

06:49.1-Evelyn’s move from the big beauty to indie space

08:50.1-How Brook & Evelyn met at a bar

09:50.1-Some really kind words about yours truly, Rohit:)

12:00.0-How Evelyn went about her life, including this podcast, & her treatments while overcoming cancer

16:00.0-Brook’s tryst with Coke & Comedy and Domestic Violence

18:34.7-What motivates Brook & Evelyn to work on JustUs Skincare every single day

23:46.0-How is JustUs skincare a climate focused skincare brand?

27:36.9-What’s wrong with generic skin consultations and diagnosis?

34:13.4-Challenges in formulating hero products and where the BIG Manufacturers too were clueless

44:51.0-How beauty is very different from other industries and a very big frustration for indie beauty founders, if not the biggest

58:38.3-How Brook’s lab vetted Evelyn in the very first meeting

01:14.7-Evelyn’s acid test for aspiring beauty founders

1:16.9-Evelyn and Brook’s chemistry

1:28.20-Is survival at stake for Brook & Evelyn?

1:38.5-Speed round: favourite books, movie lines, bootstrap or funding, favourite climate and places and much more…

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