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Ep.6-Guest Series: What Beauty Founders Don't Know with Svetlana Zacharevich, Founder of Gressa Skin

In this episode of the JumpStart Beauty Brand Guest Series, Svetlana Zacharevich, Founder of Gressa Skin answers questions around the theme “What Beauty Founders Don’t Know” while taking us on her journey as a green beauty founder.


[00:06:54.3] -How can the beauty founders be their authentic selves on social media

[00:13:10.0] – What do you see the future of green beauty as?

[00:18:27.1] – What assumptions did you have before you crossed $1m in revenue?

[00:31:15.00] – What was your experience with retail, and how did you move the product from the shelf?

[00:43:57.00] – Sephora and Ulta compete with your brand loyalty

[00:481:29.00] – Longevity over exponential growth

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