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Janet Schriever, Founder

Code of Harmony, Los Angeles

Brand Promise:

Manifest glow for complicated skin with clean CBD skincare

Meet Janet

“Creativity is a way of life for me. From painting in Africa, to designing Barbie dolls, and now making skincare products and giving facials, I make whatever I am doing creative and then I work at it until I perfect it. In 2012, I began formulating products to transform my red/acne-prone/sensitive/aging skin. My obsession over soothing skincare ingredients and making clean products eventually lead me to formulate with CBD in 2016 and Code of Harmony was born.”




Gabriela Hernandez, Founder

Besame Cosmetics, Los Angeles

Brand Promise: 

“Your signature look inspired by 100 years of legendary women”

Clean de-luxe & timelessly sustainable triple-pigmented reds for delicate skin

Gabriela's Red Affair from Buenos Aires to California

GrandMother Influence

When our founder, Gabriela Hernandez, would sit as a young child and watch her grandmother apply lipstick, she saw more than just a beauty routine. She saw the true meaning of beauty and timeless elegance. This notion inspired her own journey within the fascinating world of cosmetics, history, art, design, and how cosmetics have played an essential role in shaping our narratives.

Creative Arts Indulgence

Having immigrated from Buenos Aires at a young age, her passion for vintage beauty has led her to photography, art direction, and published author, penning the iconic book “Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup”. This has inspired a revolution in the beauty world, where looking to our past can guide us and inspire our futures.


Impact-17 Years


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