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VMG Partners

VMG Partners

  • San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast

  • Palo Alto, California, United States


  • Early Stage Venture, Private Equity



VMG is a leading investment firm with 20 years of experience supporting visionary consumer products and technologies. Despite their long history, they innovate without a fixed playbook, bringing extensive experience and proven success to the table.


We’re committed to driving change in the world and elevating the entrepreneurs reshaping their industries. We play to win as a team, with diverse backgrounds, shared commitment, and mutual respect.

We take pride in our vibrant community of operational maestros, forward-thinking retailers, cutting-edge manufacturers, savvy financial partners, and strategic acquirers. When we introduced our technology fund in 2019, we knew the importance of leveraging our existing relationships to help create and scale cutting-edge software and technological infrastructure that modern consumer businesses need to succeed. We’re shaping the future of consumer businesses – where experience meets vision, and the playbook is ever changing.|

Beauty Investments #

  • 19

Primary Sector

  • Consumer/Healthcare, Beauty, Food & Beverage

Beauty Exits #

  • 3

Last Beauty Invest

  • Jan, 2022 -K18 Hair


How to Apply?

Start relationship on social, interact in an event and then get on a 1:1 call or email


Branded Consumer Products and Technologies:

VMG Partners targets businesses with strong branding and innovative consumer products or technologies that have the potential to disrupt their industries. They are interested in sectors like beauty and personal care, food and beverage, health and wellness, and pet products

Growth Potential:

They look for companies with significant growth potential, typically targeting businesses with annual revenues ranging from $10 million to $500 million for consumer products and $1 million to $200 million for technology companies.

Transformative Vision:

VMG values visionary entrepreneurs who are not just following trends but are setting new paths in their respective industries. They seek individuals and teams who are committed to driving substantial change and innovation​.

Financial Metrics:

While they invest across various stages, from early-stage to mature businesses, VMG Partners prefers companies that demonstrate a clear path to sustainable profitability. Their investments range from $5 million to $200 million depending on the company’s stage and needs​.

Partnership and Support:

VMG Partners offers more than just capital; they provide extensive support through their network of experts and industry connections. They emphasize a collaborative approach, aiming to work closely with the management teams of their portfolio companies to drive strategic and financial success​​.

Target high-growth branded consumer products and services with $10M to $500M annual revenue at investment.
Majority and minority investment opportunities. To elevate entrepreneurs who are reimagining the consumer experience.

VMG was founded on the idea that progress, advancement, and newer, better options prevail over the status quo in the long run. For nearly twenty years, we’ve navigated ever-changing market conditions with a simple goal: to take visionary companies and grow them into powerhouse brands people use and interact with every day. We surround our entrepreneurs with the talent, resources, and support to realize their boldest aspirations.

BIPOC-founded businesses are often over-mentored and under-capitalized.

Our team strives to support early-stage BIPOC-founded brands through an initiative within VMG’s Consumer fund called The Parity Collective.

Learn more about The Collective.

Resources Breakdown Funding Terms
  • $10M to $100M

  • Majority and Minority Investments

  • No
  • Type-On/Off Site
  • Duration-No
  • 49
  • Yes



Velocity Made Good












Inclusivity Investments %
  • 28.57%
Beauty Investments #
  • 19

Beauty Exits #
  • 3

Last Beauty Invest
  • Jan, 2022 -K18 Hair


Lead Contact

Landen Enns


Venture Capital Investor


Twitter Handle

VMG Partners


VMG Partners’ growth is evidenced by the sale of nutpods, a rapidly growing plant-based creamer company, to MPearlRock. This successful exit strategy highlights VMG’s ability to invest in high-potential companies. The acquisition by MPearlRock, backed by Kroger, indicates that VMG’s investment had strong market presence and growth potential. The deal’s prominence in multiple news sources underscores its significance and VMG Partners’ expertise in cultivating and exiting high-value consumer brands.

Best Beauty Funder Fit and an understanding of branded, innovative products in beauty and wellness, a very strong fit for beauty brands with high-potential looking to raise, innovation based in tech or science esp. in emerging categories that will explode.

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