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Foundation Capital

Foundation Capital

  • Palo Alto, California, United States

  • San Francisco, California


  • Early Stage, Late Stage


  • Venture Capital


Foundation Capital, established in 1995, is a prominent early-stage venture capital firm renowned for its transformative investments in fintech, enterprise, and consumer sectors. With a resilient history spanning over a quarter-century, the firm manages assets exceeding $3 billion, boasting a track record of 34 IPOs and ICOs, along with over 80 acquisitions. Foundation Capital prioritizes visionary founders driven by a deep-seated ambition to innovate and shape industries, emphasizing a commitment to nurturing companies that aspire to make lasting, consequential impacts in the world.


Ultimately, and in spite of it all, we believe in the possibilities of technology. We see business as a constructive good for society. We take chances on people whom others overlook. And we put our faith in scrappy, spirited teams to solve problems and push boundaries.

Beauty Investments #

  • 1

Primary Sector

  • Tech/Health Care/Consumer/Beauty

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  • 0

Last Beauty Invest

  • Jul, 2022-Luum-$2.9M


How to Apply?


At Foundation, we support entrepreneurs at the earliest stages, when their ideas have yet to become innovations. As one of their first investors, we help them bring these ideas into the world. From taking their first board seat to helping them close their first hire, develop and iterate on their first product, and acquire their first customer, we back our founders at every step of their journey.


The Founders Age

We back individuals who want to nudge the world ahead in some way, using a transformative business as their fulcrum. Great companies, like Apple or Amazon or Netflix, aren’t formed from code and corporate charters. They’re built on a foundation of dreams and desires; raised up through struggle and sacrifice. For such companies to succeed, their founders have to want success badly. It has to come from the deepest part of them — a hunger to create something consequential, something lasting; a need to prove themselves, whether out of a sense of mission, or a yearning for significance, or a heart full of disobedience.

We look for founders who believe — even if they would never speak it out loud — that the purpose of life is to be briefly extraordinary.

Ambition alone won’t get you there. Smart is not sufficient. A clever idea is rarely clever enough. And pedigree does not mean prepared for the rigors of being an entrepeneur. Standing an idea up and willing it into a billion-dollar business is a mad undertaking. A founder’s job isn’t just marketing, or product, or sales—a founder’s job is to build an entire company, which never happens in a straight line.

That’s why the mark in our logo isn’t an F, it’s the Kryptonian symbol for “resilience.” Because there will be countless days of rejection, derision, overwork, exhaustion, loneliness, and defeat. The entrepreneurs we fund — often based on little more than an audacious idea — have to have the superhuman grit to stand up from every fall, sweep the dirt off, and say to themselves, “Is that all you’ve got?”

Finding individuals who possess/are possessed by these qualities is an epiphany for us. And journeying with them — from founder to CEO, from idea to IPO — is why Foundation Capital exists. If there’s a sense of accomplishment that you’ve been searching for all your life, if you have inside of you the determination and vision to create a generationally important company — then this is your time: the Founders Age. Let’s get to work.

Resources Breakdown Funding Terms
  • $450K To $8M

  • N/A

  • No
  • Type-No
  • Duration-No
  • 738
  • Yes


Possibilities of Tech

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*This score calculates the likelihood of any beauty brand getting funded by the investor. The score gives weights to number of beauty investments, recency of beauty investment, number of beauty exits, inclusivity inclination, resources offered, etc.

Inclusivity Investments %
  • 12.20%
Beauty Investments #
  • 1

Beauty Exits #
  • 0
Last Beauty Invest
  • Jul, 2022-Luum-$2.9M


Lead Contact

Ashu Garg


General Partner


Twitter Handle

Foundation Capital


1(650) 614-0500


Foundation Capital focuses on early-stage tech ventures, They invest heavily in the U.S., particularly in California and New York, and also internationally in Canada, the UK, and Mexico, across funding rounds from seed to series C.

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