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Consumer Ventures

Consumer Ventures

  • Chicago, Illinois, United States

  • Hinsdale, Chicago


  • Convertible Note, Early Stage, Late Stage, Seed, Private Equity


  • Venture Capital


Consumer Ventures, formerly known as CompanyFirst, is a Chicago-based venture capital firm specializing in investing in and nurturing the growth of innovative consumer brands, products, retailers, and technologies that enhance the consumer experience. With a strategic focus on identifying and supporting the evolution of promising consumer-focused businesses, Consumer Ventures plays a pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurial success and driving innovation within the consumer goods and retail sectors.


Consumer Ventures™ (formerly CompanyFirst) is a venture capital firm based in Chicago that invests in and helps build the next generation of great consumer brands, products, retailers, and technologies enabling the consumer experience.

Beauty Investments #

  • 2

Primary Sector

  • Consumer/Beauty & Wellness

Beauty Exits #

  • 0

Last Beauty Invest

  • Jun ,2021-Pacha Soap


How to Apply?


We partner with entrepreneurs and work tirelessly to help them build a more valuable company. Fairly easy to say, but very difficult to do…and we love every minute of it.

We focus on US-based companies with $500k to $10 million in revenue. We love working with passionate, inspired entrepreneurs with innovative, high-growth businesses. We focus on industries where building a consumer brand is central to the strategy, for example:

Food & Beverage
Health, Wellness, & Personal Care
Outdoor, Sporting Goods, and Apparel
Products for Family, Kids, and Pets
Tech Enablement of the Shopping Experience


Growing businesses must be properly capitalized to drive growth, support working capital needs, and attack opportunities in the market. Even successful businesses can “grow broke” if they don’t proactively approach the financing of their business. Consumer Ventures™ invests capital across multiple rounds and stages to help support and fuel growth. We partner with our companies to develop and execute on a long-term capital plan to fuel growth and enable the team to keep their foot on the gas.

Resources Breakdown Funding Terms
  • $1M To $5M

  • N/A

  • No
  • Type-No
  • Duration-No
  • 9
  • Yes



Consumer is not the typical domain of venture capital. We believe that investing in and empowering underrepresented and underestimated industries, regions, and people is incredible fuel that can lead to amazing things. We are not a social impact fund, but we report on the impact that our investments have, ranging from the diversity of our teams, the creation of products that are better for people and the world, and the empowerment of companies that have social missions and corporate social responsibility programs.


Product development. Brand development. Channel development. These are a few of our favorite things. While the brands, products, and ideas are the brainchild of the entrepreneur, we have spent a significant amount of time developing brand strategy, cultivating customers, driving product innovation, and building channels. We won’t tell you what color or shape your product should be, but we can help put a roadmap in place that supports the team and enables the business to thrive.


Some say that a business plan is worthless, but we say the act of planning is invaluable. No one expects you to have a crystal ball, but you can’t just raise capital or run a business without a well thought out financial plan. We work closely with entrepreneurs to help develop working models of their business along with metrics and dashboards for monitoring so they can put the pedal to the metal and go after market opportunities at warp speed.


As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Often there are key aspects of your business where you just don’t have the time or the expertise to get everything done. We understand, we’ve been there. And we can help. From better development and tracking of metrics to improved systems and processes, we work closely with our partner companies to raise the bar, develop a finely tuned machine, and be as capital efficient as possible.










*This score calculates the likelihood of any beauty brand getting funded by the investor. The score gives weights to number of beauty investments, recency of beauty investment, number of beauty exits, inclusivity inclination, resources offered, etc.

Inclusivity Investments %
  • 44.44%
Beauty Investments #
  • 2

Beauty Exits #
  • 0
Last Beauty Invest
  • Jun ,2021-Pacha Soap


Lead Contact

Jason Starr


Founder and Managing Director

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Consumer Ventures




Consumer Ventures targets early-stage consumer sector startups in key North American hubs like New York and San Francisco, emphasizing food and beverage, healthcare, e-commerce, and fashion. They favor lifestyle-focused businesses such as beauty, wellness, and fitness, and adopt a collaborative investment approach, particularly supporting startups that integrate e-commerce with health, wellness, or sustainable fashion elements.

Lower side of Good Beauty Funder Fit but has a preference for beauty brands.

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