Jumpstart Beauty Brand

Fasten your seat belts & learn counter-intuitive fundamentals of hyper-growing early-stage beauty brands to $20M-$100M in record time without spending a fortune on ads, influencers, marketing, or inefficient listing/promotions/below average velocity at retailers.

Ep.4-Part 1: Beauty Brand's Full Guide to Seed Fundraising

Beauty Founder, there is a method to the madness of raising funds. Beauty startups need inventory, need to hire people, and, more importantly, need to grow. In this episode, I  will discuss the sequential fundraising process, explain the terminology and frameworks, and cite a few resources to help women-led beauty brands.

Key Moments:

4:07- #1. Why Raise Money?

5:16- #2. The Real Reason to Raise Money

8:42- #3. Meaning of Persuasive Pitch to Investors

12:31- #4. Innovation Spectrum and Investor Interest

13:41- #5. How Much to Raise

16:33- #6. Venture Financing Options

18:01- #7. Convertible Debt & SAFE

19:33- #8. Issuing Equity

21:01- #9. How to Value Your Beauty Brand?

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Ep.3-Six Constraints: Biggest Chokehold on Your Beauty Brand

Beauty founder, what’s the biggest chokehold on your brand’s hyper-growth?

Having worked with over 3 dozen beauty founders and having spoken to/studied over 500 beauty founders, I can say that it has to do more with the founder and her hunger!

I share the top 6 constraints that prevent you from accelerating to high 8 or even 9 figures.

Key Moments:

2:35-#1. Capital Vs. Cash

5:53-#2. Price Vs. Margin

6:40-#3. Only I Can Do It Vs. People Leverage

10:17-#4. Chasing Sales Vs. Proven Learning

11:44-#5. Opening New Doors Vs. Chasing Sales

13:11-#6. Just Do It Vs. Systems and Processes

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Ep.2: Emotion and Science of Hyper-Growth

There is both science and emotion of hyper-growth for beauty brands. Emotion accelerates the scientific process of the diffusion of a new beauty brand into  the mainstream market.

Key Moments:

1:28-Jump Paradigm: 4-Jumps Sequence of Hyper-Growth

1:35-1st Jump: Jump Pad, Stake in the ground with your Brand Idea

4:57-2nd Jump: Jump in Love at First Sight

5:59-3rd Jump: Jump-Start your Tribe for Advocacy

8:21-4th Jump: Jump Market, Focused Market Amplification

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Ep. 1: Beauty Brands-Reimagine Hyper-growth

Early stage beauty brands, your fans love your products then why aren’t you a $100M beauty brand?

-Learn why money cannot buy you hyper-growth?

-Why your brand funnel is upside down?

-Learn how the fundamental truth for hyper-growth has nothing to do with money, distribution, marketing, social media etc.

-Find out the fundamental truth for your hyper-growth!