Case Study


Skincare Simplified for Men

Strategy Driven Brand Story

Pre-launch, the brand wanted to dig deep into why men don’t use skincare and how to make them buy

Through exhaustive consumer research, we discovered that men are overwhelmed by elaborate skincare routines and shopping, and above all don’t understand the need.


2 Products regime shipped to your door every 2 months with the core promise of taking your game to the next level with simplified skincare


Launched in Sep’21, signed up celebrities like the GOAT, Tony Hawk, and other celebrities, with an engaging community of over 40K followers on IG, and of late there has been a high interest for acquisition.


Eco-conscious Skincare *We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real.

Repositioning Brand For Faster Penetration

A resource-challenged, clean, and environmentally friendly skincare brand was struggling to garner the support of the influencers and early adopters to increase its reach on social media and drive sales in the emerging market.

StorySaves transformed and repositioned the brand into an Envied Beauty Brand that wowed the influencers and became love at first sight for the consumer.

Customer insight

The brand did not connect with the lead consumers and influencers as it was one of many clean and environmentally friendly skincare brands. We discovered an unresolved consumer pain point around transparency with ecologically friendly beauty brands through our research, which became the basis for transforming into an envied beauty brand.


Storysaves transformed the brand with a core emotional promise coherently applied to all touchpoints, content on the site and social media, product development recommendations, and a partnership strategy with lead influencers.


EcoSaveX took the transformed envied beauty brand to lead influencers, executed the partnership strategy for a win-win relationship with 20 lead influencers, got listed with national and international retailers, and managed to amplify its reach with consumers.


The brand increased its IG followers to 5X and increased the annual revenue by a little over 3X.

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